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Our accomodating programs

We are able to offer 3 types of accomodation: appartment sharing, host family and student residence.

The choice will depend on your internship location and your requirements.

Appartment sharing

Discovering different  cultures and how to live together

Living in an environment where everybody tries to enlarge his network of friends( fast development of social networks ), living with a roommate gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to share new cultures,and to widen the scope of your interest.

Indeed, apartment sharing no longer concerns young people belonging to the same group, but is open to persons of all ages who don't hesitate to live with a roommate they have never met before.

Living in harmony with strangers whose personalities and cultural habits are different is not always easy to achieve.

On the other hand, it will enhance your human qualities especially tolerance, open­mindedness with a new window on the world. It will be an opportunity for you to make the most of your language skills and what's more to reinforce them.

Please refer to our internship rates page.

Accomodation in host family

Discovering the culture of the host country within a family

Host family will offer you board and lodging (for the meals taken at home) and will provide enough space for you to study if you attend courses before or during your internship.

You will share the family life, discovering its culture and communicating with its members will be a major tool to improve your ability in the practice of the language.

It will provide support and security while away from home and you will be immersed in its way of life.

All our host families are eager to be involved in international exchanges.

Please refer to our internship rates page

Accomodation in student residence

Discovering how students live in the host country

In the student residence you will find all forms of modern conveniences and amenities: wifi, laundry, tv lounge, bicycle rack, parking places, libraries and press, IT room...

You will be able to give free expression to your talents in culture, music, or bodybuilding...

Moreover, a wide range of cultural events are regularly offered for the residents willing to participate.

Through these social exchanges , you will develop tolerance and an open­mindedness attitude to others and to the world.

Please refer to our internship rates page