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Which fields for an internship ?


Working in the marketing field means to dedicate your skills to the company's and the consumers' commercial needs.

Marketing involves a multitude of fields and functions.

An internship in this sector represents a good opportunity for students who wish to perform and succeed in commerce with good career prospects at the hand.

Marketing jobs are in great demand as it is fully developing, in particular thanks to the e- commerce.

Indeed, companies reinforce their marketing service to ensure customer's loyalty and to conquer new markets.

In our consumption society, marketing jobs have been essential due to a harsh competition between them.

Doing your internship in the marketing sector is a good opportunity if you are a student in commerce !


International trade is meant for students who: ­

  • are quite fluent in English or are bilingual, ­
  • travel as soon as they have time off and are willing to discover a wide range of cultures, ­
  • are interested in studying foreign laws and rights,
  • try to get special discounts both in shops and restaurants, ­
  • speak English, Spanish, German, Italian and attend courses in Japanese, Russian, Corean and Chinese, ­
  • want to endorse responsibilities,
  • travel worldwide and manage numerous files.

If it suits your personality, chose an internship in import­/export!

Transportation and logistics

Transportation keeps expanding all the time, whether by road, rail, air or sea, prompted by the globalisation of exchanges and the explosion of e­commerce.

Traditionally open to low­skilled profiles, the logistics sector has been experiencing a rise in qualifications.

This sector is more and more in search of corporate staff, especially in terms of quality and in sustainable development.

Internal promotion remains quite strong and some companies find it difficult to recruit technician profiles (logistic operators for example).

Doing your internship in transportation and logistics means interesting career prospects !

Human resources

In spite of a poor image among employees, human resource managers still play a strategic role inside the company.

Until recently, the HR personnel were just responsible for recruitment, while today, due to the economic crisis, their main objective is to improve the company responsibility, which implies, among other solutions, training and career changes.

You like contact and human relations, an internship in the human resources sector is for you!

Hotel and restauration trade

Complying without complaining with the specific working conditions in the hotel and restaurant trade requires a strong motivation.

"The customer is always right" as the saying goes.

If you are willing to please the guests in the restaurant room as well as at the reception desk, contacts with guests and difficult tasks will appear far more agreable.

Lunch time: the restaurant room is full up, the guests are hungry, the orders flow in, and in the kitchen, the kitchen aids are at a loss!

What to start with? The managers are supervising the operations, but it is time for you to assume your reponsibilities too.

These jobs are service careers and require to be ready to listen to others, to be able to analyse a demand or to succeed in resolving a misunderstanding with diplomacy.

While doing your job, you are likely to meet people of different culture and origin.

A good professional in the tourist field must be smiling, obliging and attentive to others.

If you think you are endowed with these qualities, then, apply for an internship in the hotel and restauration trade!


If you are willing to: ­

  • partipate in the global development of a child allowing him or her to fulfil his or her potential (affectively, socially, morally as well as in cognitive and language skills,physical development and motricity), ­
  • gradually help him to adjust to life in a group, and to integrate well into it, ­
  • teach, transmit your knowledge and listen to others,

No more hesitation, you are fit for education!

The social field

If you feel motivated to: ­

  • help others and assist people in distress, whether they are children, teenagers or elderly people, ­
  • work with suffering people while preparing for an exacting life, as this job is really demanding,

Discover the reality, on the job, by doing an internship in the social field!

The NGOs

If you are willing to work with an organization, show what you can bring to this structure thanks to your skills.

Doing so, you will be better accepted than if you say you are just in rebellion against social injustice in the world, than you are bored with your previous job, than you reject other employments, because an organization is not meant to relieve your bad conscience.

If this suits your personality, then chose to commit yourself and apply for an internship with an NGO!


Performing on a stage and living on your passion for drama, music or dancing is a dream for a lot of young aspiring artists.

Even if show business is not just glitter and glamour, the most talented ones can hope to get by through hard work and determination.

The art market is worth about 8 billions Euros.

It hires experts able to assess and sell art works as well as to identify new talents.

Hundreds of music schools, cultural centres or community art centres are continually in search of established artists with a gift for teaching and transmitting their talent.

You are enthusiastic about the art world, it is time for you to apply for an internship in this sector!

The fashion world

Imagining and designing the clothes or the shoes of the future, selling the trends of the next fashion season, buying the best leather for bags, parading on a catwalk for a designer: jobs in the fashion world offer a wide range of openings, from design to marketing or logistics.

You will be offered various jobs requiring different skills all of which with a common passion for creation and beauty.

You like beauty and creativity, apply for an internship in the fashion trade to discover all its facets!

The health care

Due to the rise in life expectancy and the emergence of new diseases, people are more and more dependant on health care professionals.

General practicians, chemists, nurses, care givers, physiotherapists...running out of jobs is most unlikely in the medical and paramedical sector especially since the population keeps ageing.

All these health care professionals in hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms, nursing homes or medico social centres, provide care everyday, reeducate, support patients of all ages and conditions.

Doing so, they inspire numerous vocations.

If you feel like entering this deeply motivating sector, apply immediately for an internship!