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Why do an internship ?

A first step towards employment

Your career project is slowly taking shape but you find it difficult to approach some aspects: take advantage of internships to identify the different functions you are offered.

They will allow you to gain experience. Internships are one of the main sources of recruitement for companies for it allows them to use them both as a training period and as a probation period.

So, they are an excellent springboard for a first job.

An asset in the CV

You are at a loss when time comes to write your cv: apart from your training and personal interests, the page remains persistantly blank: internships are an excellent means of enriching it.

During a job interview, you will be asked what responsibilities or missions you have already taken on.

Internships are the best way to answer these questions.

How to get more familiar with the job market

Life in a company is different from a student life.

Stage-­Internship will offer you internships which will allow you to experience different work environment and corporate cultures and to get immersed in them.

Then, trust Stage­Internship to help you better cope with the job market!