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How to write up your CV and your letter of motivation

Advice to write up a proper CV

A CV values your experiences, your skills, your dynamism, your interests, your leisure activities.

Also, think of highlighting your actions as a volunteer, your stays abroad...

Some advice to write up your cv: ­

  • The cv must be typed and should not exceed a page ­
  • Be clear, specific and concise ­
  • Check your spelling ­
  • Insert an identity photo even if not required ­
  • Have a look at other cv models without copying them

Your cv should be consistent with the field you wish to do your internship in. When reading it, the recruiter must be favorably impressed.

Do not overlook the page lay­out since it is meant to provide a positive image of the applicant.

Chose a clear, simple and well spaced out presentation

Advice to write up a proper letter of motivation

3 questions you must be able to answer when applying for an internship offer: ­

  • Why do I contact this company? ­
  • What will the company get out of my contribution? ­
  • How do I fit the post?

Only after answering these questions will you be able to start writing up your letter of motivation.

If you intend to put forward information about the company, be sure your sources and information are correct.

The slightest error can affect your credibility.

A good letter of motivation is composed of 4 paragraphs on a single page.

A tedious and time­ consuming reading might be negative.

  1. Give the reason why you are writing to this company.
  2. Mention your career path and, above all, insist on your potential contribution to the firm.
    Elaborate upon your achievements during your previous internship, put forward your assets, explain as precisely as possible how your skills could be useful to the company.
  3. Give a general outline of your training.
  4. As a conclusion, use the standard closing by stating that you remain at the employer's full disposal for a possible interview.